2015 Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship Awards

Undergraduate: Prin Luis
Women's and Gender Studies
University of South Florida

2015 Undergrad
At the University of South Florida, Prin Luis is heavily involved in campus activism for LGBTQ+ students. Prin is dedicated to many issues including: providing trans student-friendly housing, creating a preferred name policy on campus, getting USF on the Campus Pride Index, requiring safe zone training as well as specific transgender education for all staff and students. Prin has also developed many helpful resources including “16 Ways to be a Transgender Advocate and Ally” and “Fighting for Injustice—Standing for my Community” for the national LGBTQ college organization Campus Pride as well as an educational pamphlet “Trans 101” for professors at USF. Prin is a passionate young activist and works tirelessly to support the trans community and all LGBTQ+ individuals.

Graduate: Danielle Shields
Criminal Justice
Rutgers University

2015 Grad
As a graduate student at Rutgers University, Danielle's research is dedicated to LGBTQ issues in the criminal justice system. Her work involves understanding LGBTQ youth experiences with adversity as well as the relationships between the LGBTQ community and local law enforcement agencies. She was also recently elected by the Newark mayor onto the City of Newark's LGBTQ Advisory Commission to work toward improving the lives of LGBTQ citizens in Newark. As a scholar-activist, Danielle is determined to make a difference in the criminal justice system and increase awareness about the LGBTQ community.

2014 Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship Awards

Undergraduate: Skyler Elliott
Political Science
The University of Oklahoma

At the University of Oklahoma, Skyler Elliot has worked tirelessly as an LGBTQ activist. He is both a Sexpert peer educator and a member of the LGBTQ Program Advisory Board. In these capacities, he educates other students about safer sex practices and the importance of supporting sexual and gender diversity in the classroom and beyond. Skyler is a dedicated student who strives to improve the lives of LGBTQ students and make the OU campus a more inclusive place.

Graduate: Lauren McMahon
Johns Hopkins University

2013 Grad

As a member of Out & Allied Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ and ally employees at NASA Johnson Space Center, Lauren helped create the first NASA center It Gets Better video while working as a full-time spaceflight microbiologist and studying biotechnology at Johns Hopkins University. In addition, she works to encourage LGBTQ students to become involved in the fields of science and technology by reaching out to student organizations and speaking at events across the country. Lauren is currently working to establish an LGBTQ and Ally Former Students Association Constituent Network for Texas A&M University.

2013 Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship Awards

Undergraduate: Alexis Taitel
International Studies
The University of Oklahoma

Serving as a member of the Campus Activities Council, Alexis brought Dan Savage, the creator of the "It Gets Better Project," to campus even in the face of very real controversy because she believed that his message about suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth was imperative to the people of Oklahoma. She is also an active member of Greek Ally, dedicated to Greek students.
Graduate: Michael Hernandez
MBA Candidate
The University of Oklahoma

2013 Grad
Throughout 2012-2013, Michael has worked diligently to build support for his Change.org petition to allow gay men the right to donate blood. His work has been featured in many media outlets and at the time of this award, his petition had over 9,500 signatures. He also created his own non-profit dedicated to equality, All R Equal.

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