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What Is The Welcoming Project?

The Welcoming Project began in 2011 to encourage local businesses, health care/service providers, organizations, and congregations in Norman, OK, to display welcoming signs for the purpose of making LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) individuals and allies feel welcomed as patrons. The Welcoming Project is available to communities throughout the United States. Please contact us for more information about including your community.

The Goal of the Welcoming Project

To increase the visibility of places that are welcoming of LGBTQ individuals
and their allies through providing welcoming signs
for places to display indicating

The Welcoming Project's Three-Part Mission

  1. To provide free "All Are Welcome" signs to help LGBTQ people and their allies feel welcomed by businesses, health care/service providers, organizations, and congregations in communities throughout the world.
  2. To educate the community about LGBTQ issues through our website..
  3. To support the LGBTQ community and their allies through our Annual Scholarship and other community events.

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