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The Welcoming Project, Inc. is now an official 501(c)(4) charitable organization! We received retroactive exempt status for all donations starting April 30, 2011. Please be sure to claim your donations if you have already donated and consider donating today! Please contact us if you need further information.

Donation Opportunities

The Welcoming Project is a non-profit organization. We count on donations from supporters to reach our fundraising goals and give back to the community. We greatly appreciate any and all donations in any amount. When you make a donation to The Welcoming Project, you can help in the following ways:

  • You can provide 100 cardstock Welcoming Signs for businesses, organizations, and congregations to post in their windows for just $20.
  • You can help us keep our website up to date and keep the community informed about The Welcoming Project  by contributing toward our monthly website maintenance fee for just $60. 
  • You can contribute to The Welcoming Project Annual $500 Scholarship Awards to provide outstanding undergraduate students who are energetic LGBTQ activists with financial awards to help them complete their undergraduate education.
  • You can help The Welcoming Project achieve visibility in Norman through donating as little as $5 to help us pay for membership fees to be a part of the Norman Downtowners Association, Norman Chamber of Commerce, Norman Next Community Activism Group, PFLAG Norman, and Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Pages.
  • You can also show your support for The Welcoming Project by donating for our products. For as little as a $3 donation, you can display our mini-button and share The Welcoming Project and our message. Check out our other products available for donations on our merchandise page.

You may make donations to The Welcoming Project in two ways. If you would like your donation to be used for a specific purpose, please use the "For" line on your check or the text box on the PayPal screen to tell us how to use your contribution:

By Mail
You may mail a check to our mailing address:


The Welcoming Project
c/o Meredith Worthen
780 Van Vleet Oval
Kaufman Hall Room 331
Norman, OK 73019

Please make checks payable to
The Welcoming Project, Inc.

On PayPal
You may make a donation to The Welcoming Project on PayPal and are not required to have a PayPal account to do so. The PayPal donation page opens in a new window:

PayPal Logo

We will email a receipt to you with the amount of your donation if you include your email address with your donated check. If you make a donation on PayPal, we will email you a receipt using the PayPal email address you provided. Please contact us if you would like a receipt and you did not receive one.

Donation Certificates


We now offer donation certificates to all donors. If you would like to display your support for The Welcoming Project, Inc. by hanging a donation certificate hand signed by the President and Vice President of The Welcoming Project, Inc. in your business or establishment, please contact us and we will mail a certificate to you at no charge. If you would like to donate to The Welcoming Project, Inc. as a gift, we also offer donation certificates to give as gifts to others. Certificates are Bronze, Silver, and Gold depending on the donation amount.

Donation Boxes

Donation Box

We have donation boxes available to help raise funds for The Welcoming Project, Inc. If you run a business, organization, or congregation and are willing to place an official Welcoming Project clear donation box near your cash register, please contact us so that we can get your box to you ASAP. The donation boxes are approximately 5" wide, 3.5" deep, and 8" tall and include a sign holder and a business card holder to display our "All Are Welcome" message. The box also has a lock to keep donations safe.

Thanks to Our Generous 2016 Supporters!

Gold Level Supporters: $500+


Silver Level Supporters: $200-$499


Bronze Level Supporters: Under $200

  • Rebecca Bean
  • Ann Benson
  • Diana Desantis
  • Jan Estes
  • Randy Fox
  • Megan Gandy-Guedes
  • Wesley Jones
  • JoAnna Wall

  • Special thanks to our many anonymous donors who support
    The Welcoming Project.

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