• What is The Welcoming Project? The Welcoming Project began in 2011 to encourage local businesses, health care/service providers, organizations, and congregations in Norman, OK, to display welcoming signs for the purpose of making LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) individuals and allies feel welcomed as patrons. The Welcoming Project is available to communities throughout the United States and beyond! You can find a list of all of our Welcoming Places in our searchable online directory.
  • How can I get a FREE cardstock “All Are Welcome” rainbow sign?  Click HERE! 
  • Other than cardstock signs, do you have other options? Yes! How about a window cling? We ask for a $5.25 donation for our 4 inch x 3.5 inch opaque white static window clings. Please indicate your mailing address and how many you would like when you make your donation. Find even more merchandise at our online shop. 
  • Who are the people of The Welcoming Project? The Welcoming Project is run by Director and Founder, Meredith Worthen, a sociology professor at the University of Oklahoma and a handful of volunteers keep us going. Meredith created The Welcoming Project in 2011 because she wanted to bring positivity into her community in Norman and beyond. You can see her featured on the news and elsewhere.
  • Do you offer workshops or trainings? The Welcoming Project team is a small group and does not currently offer workshops or trainings. Please find a list of school resources HERE.
  • Why do you include the “Q” for “Queer” individuals? Isn’t that offensive? While historically the term “queer” has (and sometimes still is) used in offensive ways, “queer” has been reclaimed by many as an empowering self-label. Broadly defined, “queer” is a term inclusive of individuals who do not identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender but feel more comfortable identifying as “queer.” “Queer” is commonly thought of as a term that is fluid and inclusive of diverse sexual orientations and/or gender identities. Learn more HERE.
  • Why do you use the “LGBTQ” acronym? While there are certainly debates about which abbreviation is most appropriate, The Welcoming Project uses the LGBTQ abbreviation since it is easily recognized as representative of diversity. While we acknowledge that some groups are not represented in this abbreviation, we want to stress that The Welcoming Project is supportive of all persons. Our vision of “all are welcome” is intended to be supportive of all groups. Learn more HERE.
  • How can I support The Welcoming Project? In so many ways! You can make a donation to support our cause, you can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and you can learn about our events and other exciting news in our announcements.
  • How do I contact The Welcoming Project? Email us at thewelcomingproject@yahoo.com or contact@thewelcomingproject.org