Mandy Whitten

“My partner and I decided to sell our home. Not knowing any real estate agents in the area, we looked to recommendations from friends, who we noticed in advertising, and by looking at agent websites. Certainly we wanted an agent who would be very comfortable with us as a same-sex couple. During this time period, I had become aware of The Welcoming Project. I did not immediately connect Brian to the project until I saw his name on a for sale sign in our neighborhood. After talking with my partner, we agreed to add Brian to our list of potential Realtors. Brian was the first agent we met with and we liked him immediately. In fact, we visited with him for over an hour. It was obvious that he was very comfortable with us and I appreciated the enthusiasm he had in regards to our property. During our experience with Brian, he has treated both my partner and I with complete respect. He has never hesitated to include both of us in discussions about our house. Without his association with The Welcoming Project, we probably would have missed out on the opportunity to meet and work with Brian. Brian is wonderful at what he does and certainly having an agent who welcomes all people sets him apart from most other, if not all, agents in Norman.”